90 degree belt conveyor

90 degree belt conveyor


Durability Long Life
Surface Finishing Polished
Resistivity Rust Resistant
Material Metal
Application Industrial
Drive Type Electric

A conveyor in a simple sense is a common section of automatic handling gear that moves material. In order to cover up the long distances in moving the heavy materials, you need 90-degree belt conveyor. Popularly known as vertical belt conveyor are the most suitable conveyors at this time in any workplace.



  • Used for the transport of heavy materials
  • Can be installed almost anywhere
  • 10 times better in the areas where human labor is expensive
  • Commonly used in industries including the mining, automotive, agriculture, computer, electronic, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, chemical etc.


Do you transport the heavy material by wheelers?

Often in a new startup people compromise the time and comfort at the place of monetary expenditures and try to use easy and low-priced methods of working. Although these resources take less money the reduces the utility of manpower. The masters are the people who elect to convert the workplace in a high-tech arena and bring home the time-saving technologies. 90- degree belt conveyor is the most essential belt for any manufacturing industry and saves lots of time and energy. Also, the comforts may charge you to think more creatively for enhancing the performance of your manufacturing unit.



  • Curved from one edge to another
  • Mostly used for bulk or unit to transmit
  • Adjustable according to the space size
  • Can easily pass through from any place
  • Available in different designs
  • Safer than using ordinary lifts
  • Have an advanced safety system prevented from any mishappening


However, many factors are responsible to choose the correct size of the conveyor belt. Before buying the belt, it’s important to know where the belt will be used. We at Shiv Technologies consist of the team of experts not only work on sales but also counsel the customer for the best products suitable for their workplace. Our expert team in R&D are regular on watching the benefits of each belt and the usability in various types of manufacturing units. Conveyor belts, if used properly can prove the backbone of the company’s ability. It involves the maintenance at a proper timing and plus proper training to the staff time by time.

You may contact us for all types of a vertical belt conveyor. We assure you of the best quality and reasonable prices. We work with the aim to make country technology savvy and al the units must celebrate the ease with high productivity. So do let us know your requirement.

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