Assembly Line Automation

Assembly Line Automation


Length 30-40eet
Weight 500-600kg
Drive Type Electric
Resistivity Rust Resistant
Durability Long Life
Use Industrial

Does automation of assembly line really benefit?

A few paybacks on years reduced labor costs is the equivalent of half return on investment, but it’s not just by eliminating labor cost, but more than this is a process by following which the reduction of production times and the cost of the manufactured products is possible. It is a great substitute to use in cases where human beings are not efficient in speed, size, weight or endurance. It reduces human errors and making sure of output consistency and quality.

Forgot the days when the creation of each part of a product was being done by a group of experts in parts. Later skills and tools such as files and knives were used to create the individual parts and were being assembled into the final product by entering in many processes until they fit the final product.



  • Accurate & consistent information
  • Increased production
  • Improved availability of a system
  • Reduced cost
  • Maintenance of quality & quantity
  • Improved safety conditions



  • For large volumes of products’ production
  • To make efficient use of materials
  • Safety and health of the workers
  • Time- saving feature is well familiar
  • Faster fault identification


If one looks for the surprising benefit of automation assembly line offered by Shiv Technologies, there will be strong reasons to support it. Carefully planned investment in Assembly line Automation can also make good financial sense, which further increases the business in a manifold.

In addition, our extensive service in this regard is matchless as our motto is to provide comprehensive support to customers to make your workplace not only to positively affect your production, quality or to bring accuracy but to reduce your costs in the form of labor and to achieve the best.

So join us for your business growth and prosperity. We assure you for a long-lasting bond of understanding.

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