Automated Production Line

Automated Production Line


Application Indsutrial
Weight 1000-2000kg
Driven Type Electric
Surface Finishing Polished
Resistivity Rust Resistant
Durability Long Life
Material Metal

An automated production line is a series of workstations that are linked by a system of the transfer system and electrical control system. A specific operation is performed by each station and the processing of product takes place, step by step as it keeps moving along the line as per pre-defined production sequence.



  • Used in machining transfer lines found in the automotive industry
  • Useful in automatic assembly machines
  • Certain chemical processes make use of automated production lines
  • Useful in Industries that handle both high and low volume work
  • Useful in Industries involving high risk for Human beings like Pharma Companies
  • Suitable for batch production


How could automated production line help you out?

An automated production line does not require people to be directly involved in the operation, and either all or a part of the production process is completed by mechanical equipment and automated systems. Therefore, in this environment, manpower can focus more on the system design, adjustment or supervision and monitoring the operation, rather than controlling the system.

Investing in the custom production line can be quite intimidating. That is where Shiv Technology fits in to help our clients pick up the best combination of their requirements



  • Speeds up Production time
  • Accuracy in results, by predicting every change beforehand
  • Future proof
  • Reliable – ensuring long term success
  • High production rate
  • Low unit cost
  • Offers continuity in production


What makes us special?

We take our work very seriously and deliver every project passionately. No project is too challenging at the same time, no project too small to be skipped by our engineers. We understand the concerns that you have, given our experience in this field. We look at your project requirements through the point of view of efficiency, safety, how future proof it is, ease of use, reliability to make ensure long term success for your projects. We at Shiv Technologies, provide fully automated production lines to meet your requirements that are flexible enough to accommodate any changes.

Advances in technology are redefining manufacturing and developments in areas of robotics, and automation, is opening new capabilities, enabling Automation to be optimized and available not only in mass production but also used effectively in a High-Mix or Low-Volume production environments, making it an ideal choice for you. Get in touch with us, for a custom solution that can take your business to another dimension.

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