Drag Chain Conveyor

Drag Chain Conveyor


Durability Long Life
Surface Finishing Polished
Resistivity Rust Resistant
Material Metal
Application Industrial
Drive Type Electric

Drag chain conveyor (DCC) being the most resilient and finest conveyor to shift weighty stuff (such as cumbersome unit stocks, pallets, grid compartments, and other industrial containers) proficiently during the manufacturing period is the most trusted. These chains can be single and double chain strands in design and pattern. It also is accomplished enough to hold quantum of portables with spacious simplicity due to its adaptability and multilateral composition which makes it unique in itself. DCC is an ideal selection for continuous removal and transport of shorter distance requirements.


What models make it most abiding?

First and foremost its design makes it the most durable and abiding conveyor chain. Secondly, its easy installation makes it time-saving. Above all, its exercise is uncomplicated and not at all taxing or strenuous, which puts it together as an exceptional choice to meet the deadlines and shifting loads of substance effortlessly that acts as an added support in production.



  • Carries the bits and pieces of material (heavy and light) at the desired setting
  • Best suited for the dust-free, horizontal and inclined passing and surveying all types of heavy materials
  • Available in single and double stands
  • Useable in all types of industry
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Cost effective
  • Long lasting



  • Assembled to hold the stuff and transmit it to the required consign.
  • Significantly trims down the wear and tear and depletion of the material.
  • Guarantees that it is dust-free and hygienic.
  • Practical not only in the food industry, but also in plastic, rubber, timber, power, metal, mineral, mining industry and many more.
  • Prevents the matter from getting jammed within.
  • In addition to formulates its continuation and purification simple and foolproof.


Nevertheless, if you are considering it, we always recommend the trying and testing the material before opting for any type of Drag Chain Container and being clear about your requirement. No doubt market is flooded with all types of conveyor belts but for us our customers’ hold a prized magnitude. It indemnifies that you obtain a notifying key that propitiates your entire requirement list and also checks all the predicaments down the road.

Please feel free to contact us at Shiv Technologies for all sorts of inquiry and all types of drag chain conveyors for we make certain to hand out to you with the filtered best class of the product at a very rational price. We are at this juncture to supply you to please your all necessities and wishes.

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