Pokayok Machine

Pokayok Machine


Durability Long Life
Surface Finishing Polished
Resistivity Rust Resistant
Material Metal
Application Industrial
Drive Type Electric

Are you fed up of the fallible workforce? Do you want a lasting remedy for flawless operations? If yes, then Poka Yoke machines by Shiv Technology will assuredly fulfill the purpose. It is well known as goof proofing, mistake proofing and many other names have been given to it. With its use, one can put a complete full stop to inadvertent errors that workers may commit while performing a process.

How can Poka-yoke machine bring zero defect quality control standard?

Poka-yoke is a most prevalent technique to avert human errors. Humans are error-prone and can commit mistakes but in the industrial sector, you can’t bear the risk of loss because of errors.

Poka-yoke performs this very function, by taking over the repetitive tasks and keeping the focus on any lapse that may arise while processing. During sub-assembly of products, there’s no mistake arise by using this machine. The processes are modified first, which saves on rejection & assembly cost and time.

Human memory may betray the manufacturing processes so all the repetitive tasks are done by Poke Yoke machine. It frees up the mind of the workforce and their time too, so that they can pursue some important and innovative tasks. It hikes up value-added operations.



  • Less maintenance required
  • Easy to operate
  • Prepare with standard quality measures
  • Safety standards are followed



  • Best suitable for automotive industries
  • Useful in releasing parts that might get stuck during travel
  • Suitable to detect, prevent and correct human errors
  • Ensures defect-free products and processes
  • Eliminates the chances of failures


Poke Yoke machines by Shiv Technology help you carry on the operations free from all flaws and mistakes that might occur if only humans are involved.  We prepare these machines as per the specifications of the customers and their business requirements.

Its an ultimate solution to flawless operations as any flaw occurring in processes gets easily detected by Poke Yoke machines. Poke-yoke levels help in detecting anything wrong happening to the manufacturing processes. So, you get a lasting way to smooth production without any unnecessary trouble. Just order us your requirements and get a cost-effective approach to effortless manufacturing processes.

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