Powered Roller Shaft Conveyor

Powered Roller Shaft Conveyor


Durability Long Life
Surface Finishing Polished
Resistivity Rust Resistant
Material Metal
Application Industrial
Drive Type Electric

Powered roller conveyors are an electrical version of any roller conveyors. The main feature of this type of drive system is that it allows economical “powered” bends and curves, which is far different from conventional straight belt conveyors. This mature technology by Shiv Technologies, make a low-risk, high-return investment and need not mention such attributed technology will lead to the growth of your business.

How do powered roller conveyors do this?

Well, it’s a popular concept that the rollers are powered. A powered roller conveyor shaft drive runs the length of the unit, beneath the roller bed. The individual rollers are connected to this by a rubber band, which turns the rollers. However, when a package reaches the ‘stop’ wall, the friction between the stopped package and the roller will cause this band to ‘slip’, bringing the rollers beneath the package to a halt without affecting any of the other rollers on the system.

Powered roller conveyors shaft drive offer Accumulation. This means that the last stage of the final product is sensed and as it reaches the end of the conveyor. It will itself stop, without stopping the rest of the conveyor. In this way, packages can gradually “accumulate” at the end of the conveyor, in other words, no manual interference is required for this or automatic transfer to another conveyor etc.



  • Versatile and safe
  • Restricts power on individual rollers
  • Offers accumulation
  • Gear motor drives are supplied with safety guards



  • Suited for conveying cartons, boxes, packages, etc.
  • Excellent for lightweight packages
  • Switches allow efficient means of routing and diverting
  • Easy installation, moderate maintenance, and low expense


Powered roller conveyor shaft drive is suitable for the food industry with stainless or galvanized frames, stainless main drive shaft, poly or stainless rollers with aluminum or stainless shaft, for everyday extreme Washdown situations. We, at Shiv Technologies, look forward to the opportunity to surpass your expectations with our custom engineered solutions.

Contact us for the best developers to give smart features in your work area. We assure you the best services ever with the availability of 24/7 services in the warehousing industry. We respect our customer’s desire to be part of the industrial revolution and our quality, as well as products reliability, will make you do so.

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