Rotary Indexing machine

Rotary Indexing machine


Durability Long Life
Surface Finishing Polished
Resistivity Rust Resistant
Material Metal
Application Industrial
Drive Type Electric

Being in the manufacturing business, every manufacture covets for automated operations with less cycle time. Fortunately, you can get it done instantly with the rotary indexing machine by Shiv Technology. This machine will reduce the cycle time and ultimately hike up the production volume. Its simultaneous actions deliver miraculous output within a stipulated time period.


How rotary indexing machine benefits your production?

The rotary indexing machine permits you to properly assemble the machine parts in an accurate and speedy way. In a fast way, it helps in the completion of work without any problem. It prevents the faulty parts for further processing. So, it ensures overall quality by allowing only those parts which are absolutely good to go.

This machine efficiently performs and carry on the production process and ultimately give high productivity. It uses rotary for speedy assembling and completion of work.

For oddly shaped assemblies, this machine is the best. The best part is our solutions are totally cost effective and will suit your pocket for sure. You will get all the benefits from these automated rotary machines with reduced cost. This is really a good option to assemble the parts with molding options available in these machines.



  • Assured quality
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Made up of quality material



  • Prevent faulty parts after failed assembly step
  • To ensure quality with machine parts
  • Reduce the requirement of the workforce, so give quick results without any flaws
  • It leads to accurate and speedy work
  • It’s suitable to enhance productivity and cut down production cost.
  • It’s suitable to assemble all the intricate parts within seconds at the fastest rate.


Whatever size you want in your rotary machine, we, at Shiv Technology design it in an excellent way so that you can assemble all the parts in a great way. We prepare it completely adhering to your requirements. The specifications you can share with us, like, semi-automatic or fully automatic machine.

Just opt for this rotary machine that is useful for completing work speedily plus recognizing the flaws in the process, if any. Order us and get it within a couple of days at your doorstep.

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